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CBP210 栅栏式接线端子台 8.25mm pitch, 15A 300VAC

栅栏式接线端子台 CBP210 PCB端子台,15A 300VAC,使用线径 22~12 AWG,脚距 8.25mm pitch,极数 2P~32P,接线简单明瞭,可加上盖,台湾生产制造。
  • CBP210

CBP210 栅栏式接线端子台_PCB端子台 8.25mm pitch, 15A 300VAC

  1. Product Type: Barrier Strip

  2. Model Number: CBP210

  3. Rating: 15A 300VAC

  4. Terminal: Brass, 0.8t, Tin Plated

  5. Body Material: Plastic NYLON 66, Black (UL 94V-0)

  6. Screw: Steel, M3, Nickel Plated

  7. Working Temperature: -40˚C to +105˚C

  8. Insulation withstand Voltage: AC2000V at 1 min

  9. Insulation resistance: 500MΩ or more at DC 500V

  10. Wire Range: 22~12 AWG

  11. Max. Torque Value: 10Kg/cm

  12. Poles: 2P~32P

  13. Pitch: 8.25mm

  14. Cover Available

  15. Place of Origin: Taiwan

CBP210 栅栏式接线端子台_PCB端子台

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CBP210 Series 栅栏式接线端子台,PCB端子台



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